The atmosphere is really good here. And we work together amicably - from senior to trainee.

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Here we describe the atmosphere at PKS - how it feels to work with us.

Of course, each of the four locations has its own microculture once again, but by and large it's as you can read here.
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Right away: We are not pinstriped at all, rather jeans, t-shirt, sneakers.

That's exactly how we treat each other. We laugh a lot together, we address things directly - a bit like at home at the dinner table.
Alessandro Bayer (former apprentice)
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That everyone feels comfortable at PKS - that is important to us.

We have many colleagues who have been with us for a very long time. And at the same time, there are many young people who stay with us right after their training - which always makes us very happy.
Andrea Holzheimer
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Those who prefer to work independently will do well with us.

Immersing yourself in the task at hand, contacting clients, asking when there are questions - this is where everyone can and should work as independently as possible.
Caroline Scholze
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We as management stand behind our employees. Clearly.

And if there's ever a real conflict, I step in and cushion the pressure. We have also parted with clients because they behaved badly towards employees.
Sven Semmler

We often sit together at lunchtime and every now and then we also have breakfast together.

Sometimes we celebrate - in the summer, at Christmas and we also go skiing together sometimes, for example. By the way, the bosses barbecue at our events, the employees chill.
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Sometimes we let it rip.

For our 5th anniversary party we rented the Steinburg in Würzburg and partied until three o'clock in the night. There were show acts, great food, great music. And the families were there too.
Viola Schlereth
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It's absolutely OK for us if someone doesn't feel that much like fellowship.

Some colleagues are a little quieter or don't like to party as much. Nevertheless, everyone can feel well included and safe. What counts in the end: We deal with each other openly and well.
Yasemin Hegwein

A few more voices from our sites

Würzburg is our youngest team.

We have breakfast together regularly. Then everyone brings a little something and we have a good time.
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The drivers of digitization and the students are located in Kitzingen.

Also still important: The location makes the coolest company parties.
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In Schweinfurt we have a great kitchen and dining area.

Everything is brand new and beautifully designed. During lunch breaks, we sit here together and sometimes cook; the bosses in the middle of it all.
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The Hassfurt site is upgrading considerably in terms of equipment and location.

Apart from that, our Hau00dffurters like to party and last quite a long time doing so.
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