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Here we have compiled quotes from our trainees. And we did a photo shoot so you can see who we have working for us.
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After the training, everyone is taken on.

You can make a good career here. And develop all the way to tax consultant if that's what you want.

The following trainings are possible with us: 
Assistant tax consultant
Of course you can then continue your education with us to
Tax advisor

To become a tax advisor you have to pass one of the "most difficult exams in the German education system". In return, very good career opportunities and a top salary await you.
Tax specialist

You have already successfully completed your training as a tax specialist? Then accelerate your tax career with further training to become a tax specialist.

If numbers interest you even more than clients, then find out about further training to become a payroll accountant or a balance sheet accountant. 
Tax Assistant

As a tax clerk with professional experience and further training as a tax specialist or accountant, you can train to become a tax assistant.
Audit assistant

Are you interested in preparing and auditing annual financial statements and advising clients on tax and business management? Then the job of an audit assistant is just right for you.

"Here, the others are interested in you.

If you're not in a good mood because you have difficult clients, for example, you're allowed to get upset sometimes. The colleagues then offer their help. Of course, everyone is busy with their own cases, but you can always call or approach someone if you have questions."
Mikail Demez

"We have flextime, which everyone thinks is great.

You have to be there from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., the rest of the time you divide yourself freely. The good thing is that Fridays usually end at half past one."
Marie Angebrand


Development and training
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When we start a new topic in vocational school, we are also introduced to this content at PKS.

Theory and practice - it's all coordinated here.
Alessandro Bayer (former apprentice)
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Accounting is what I like to do the most and also the most often.

Clients upload their accounting digitally - that's already very convenient. We make everything as digital as possible.
Fabian Lerche (former trainee)
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We work very digitally. Ipads instead of a notepad.

This offer is just cool. We don't look too much at money; if we need something, we buy it. Ready.
Leonie Sterner


Client contact
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Appearing confident - that's hard for some trainees, but that's OK.

We want to meet everyone where they are. For example, trainees are often present at client meetings, so they learn over time how to deal with clients in a professional manner.
Viola Schlereth
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I like the direct contact with the clients. This is part of it.

If we trainees don't know everything from the start, the clients understand that. That's where we have puppy protection.
Michel Hoffmann (former trainee)
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With each other
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I enjoy going to the office every morning.

You are never left alone with your tasks, all colleagues are happy to help us trainees. And if you need it, things are explained two or three times.
Jari Geuss
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For me, the working atmosphere is half the battle.

With us it is relaxed and open. I never feel alone. We always visit each other in our offices and of course we talk privately sometimes.
Elias Seifert
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We're all on a first-name basis, but if someone wants to be on a first-name basis, that's okay too.

When we sit together at lunchtime, no one could tell from the outside who is boss here. The interaction is really nice and familiar. We also take the mickey out of each other more often.
Andrea Holzheimer
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