We are 60 colleagues and look forward to support.

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PKS - that's tax professionals, legal experts and auditors working together enthusiastically at three locations.

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Our clients:
From the lone fighter to the medium-sized company.

Our largest client has 1700 employees worldwide. Many come from the region. But we also have mandates in Berlin, Hanoi and London.
Sandra Weger
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Whether it's a green power plant or a non-profit organization:

Our clients come from a wide range of industries and each has its own rules. This makes things interesting, but of course it is also demanding.
Angelique Zehe
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What we enjoy
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The advantage of a large law firm is the exciting clients.

A client buys an aircraft in England and wants to import it into Germany. Such exceptional cases are the salt in the soup.
Michael Siebenhaar

Our professional staff

They focus on the smaller mid-sized companies. Here they can shape a lot and prepare important decisions on their own responsibility. Our people appreciate that very much. In addition to the usual tax tasks, business management evaluations are also required here.

Our professionals

deal with the larger companies. They advise on
  structural issues
  optimisation strategies
  strategic planning
  corporate finance
  other business management topics

Interesting for all

interdisciplinary cooperation between tax, law and auditing. And the cases that also involve international law or tax law. Here we work in international teams together with our foreign colleagues.


We work digitally
We are right in the middle of digitization and are driving it even further.
Our young colleagues in particular think that's great. Ipad for all instead of a notepad - that's one of our projects, for example.

We only accept clients who work with "Unternehmen online"; the DATEV programs are also standard for us.

Even though we are already very digital, some of our colleagues still work a lot with paper. We are moving forward step by step, we are relaxed about that. And new colleagues, who until now have been completely in the paper world, can also slowly get used to it. Here, no one has to function from one day to the next.
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Our early risers start at 7am and finish around 3pm. As a rule, work continues until 5:30 p.m. at the latest. Those who want to can do home office.

"Home office is possible with us -
natural. It's all take and give."

Nadja Borowy
When you just start with us, you first see how everything works and grow into the team. To do this, you have to be in the office more often. Likewise with annual financial statements. This involves a close exchange with colleagues from the accounting and payroll departments. The best way to do that is together in the office.
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We adapt as far as possible to the living conditions of our employees.

Those who have to take care of a child or grandma need special times and we take that into consideration.
Viola Schlereth
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I am a mother myself and work part-time,

so it's a great advantage for me that I can arrange my working hours so flexibly. Home office is also not a problem for the firm.
Susanne Wendling


We also have tasks all the time, which we call fire missions. That means dropping what you're working on, switching to a new topic, and working with colleagues to find a quick solution to a specific problem.

" In terms of structure, we want to get even better. For example, when new tasks come in, it is sometimes not entirely clear who is responsible first. But we are on it ...

Hilde Friedl


  a car park in front of the door
  chic, new, spacious, bright, airy rooms that are well equipped
  fruit, free drinks. (Of course, we know that's no reason to work for us. But it's still not bad, is it?)
  petrol vouchers
  private health insurance, without health check
  vouchers for IGL benefits



"When you start as a young person in a law firm, you naturally also pay attention to the training offered and how you are trained. I can say that this is one of the strengths of our firm. We offer a lot of time and financial support for continuing education. For everyone - for the professionals and the specialist employees."

Fabian Lerche
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We are doing exceptionally well with training and continuing education.

This point was also very important for my decision to stay here. In the meantime I have become a tax consultant.
Rebecca Zu00f6ller
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When I wanted to take six months off,

to do further training, that was no problem. In other law firms, you sometimes have to give extra notice for this. I continued to receive financial support.
Marc Daxhammer
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Individual development is a top priority here.

However, the direction and pace can be determined by everyone!
Laura Gräf

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